Calculating weight of yellow-poplar trees

Introduction : This page calculates the green weight of the total tree (wood and bark) for yellow-poplar trees in the Southeastern United States. You need to measure the trees diameter at breast height in inches and its height in feet. If the tree's diameter is less than 11 inches enter it in the top diameter box. If the tree's diameter equals or is larger than 11 inches enter it in the lower diameter box.

Input Value(s):

diameter < 11 inches diameter1 = inches
diameter=>11 inches diameter2 = inches
height of tree height1 = feet


weight of small tree weightS = pounds
Weight of large tree weightL = pounds

The algorithms on this page come from the "Tables for Estimating Total Tree and Product Weight and Volume of Major Southern Tree Species and Species Groups". Joseph R. Saucier and Alexander Clark III Southeastern Forest Experiment Station USDA Forest Service, Athens, Georgia

created by Kent Robertson .Comments, ideas and suggestions :
Last update : 2/21/02