Projectile Motion to the Rescue: About the Mathematics

X - Y Plane  

Mathworld Wolfram Research

Project Interactive - Coordinate Game     Simple Plot       

Linear Equations 

Mathworld Wolfram Research

Sample equations with solutions    (includes non-linear equations)

Investigate the slope and Y-intercept of a line (interactive)

Graphs of linear equations    

Graph a line online    

Graphing linear equations    

Solve 3 linear equations in with 3 variables online    

Solve systems of linear equations    

Quadratic Equations  

Mathworld Wolfram Research - quadratic equations         

Solve quadratic equations online     Graphing       Quadratic Formula    

Solving quadratic equations - 3 methods       Worksheet with answer key     

History of  quadratic equations            

More history (Babylonian) of quadratic equation     

Conic Sections    

Mathworld Wolfram Research - Conic Sections

Dave's Math Tables : Conic Sections    


Mathworld Wolfram Research - Parabolas   

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