The Consortium Teaching Modules and Links 2000/2001 Leadership Program

TEAM 21:

2000/2001 Leadership Program

Cadre 1

Teacher Teams - Team 21

Carolyn Kuntscher


School: Lanier High School
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Teaching Experience: 28 year(s)
Subjects: Physics and Chemistry

My motivation for teaching:
The students are my motivation for teaching. I enjoy sharing with students my love of physics and chemistry and hope they find learning as interesting as I do. What keeps me going is my quest to find better and better draws that attract my students to learn.

My favorite quote:
If it is to be, it's up to me.

A personal humorous school story:
The funniest happening at school was the time when during spring break I and a group of science fair students were working at school. There has never and probably will never be time in the regular school day to get everything done. So, my students and I were trying to complete reports and backboards for science fair. I had only two typewriters and we needed more or else we would not meet the deadline. This was at the same time when the janitor used to say my room was really spooky because he heard noises when he cleaned my room and the stock room even though no one was there. It was also in the good old days when the principal actually trusted a teacher with keys. So being that I had the keys, I decided to procur a few more typewriters to help us out. What I did not realize is that the alarm was still on in all the rooms except mine. Needless to say I triggered a silent alarm and it wasn't long before several policemen entered the school to investigate. The students freaked out because they heard noises and could only imagine my room was really haunted. The students were really surprised to find out it was the police and the officers wanted to know what they were doing at school on spring break. The students were worried the police would take me away and they would also be in big trouble. I was so tired I almost wished they would have taken me away. The students however were glad it was the police and not the ghost of 217!

Favorite website URL's:

Hobbies and Interests:
Reading, Gardening, Theater
Unique Interest:

Favorite Type of Music:
Modern Pop/Rock, Classical, Folk/Bluegrass, Country, Oldies

Favorite Cuisine:
American, Mexican

Favorite Type of Book:
Fiction & Literature, Science & Nature

I would like to visit:
Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls

If I won $500,000, I would:
Invest it