The Consortium Teaching Modules and Links 2000/2001 Leadership Program

TEAM 14:

2000/2001 Leadership Program

Cadre 1

Teacher Teams - Team 14

Mark Adams


School: Grand Rapids High School
City: Grand Rapids
State: Minnesota
Teaching Experience: 10 year(s)
Subjects: Administration
Email: madams.isd318@ITASCANET.ORG

My motivation for teaching:
I have always loved helping young people shape their dreams into reality. Teaching is what life is all of yourself in the interest of helping others. Being a teacher gives me that opportunity everyday. I believe Lucy Calkins has summarized it best. "These are tough times for our children in so many ways. Helping young people see more, feel more, hear more and care more are keys to my life as a professional teacher/administrator."

My favorite quote:
John F. Kennedy once said, " Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future."

My other favorite is "Life's short - Play Hard ! "

A personal humorous school story:
As a high school principal I have seen so many incredible things involving young people that I find it difficult to describe one incident. Most recently after a 6:00 AM workout I was getting dressed in the boys lockeroom of our high school when a female student walked in while I was standing in my boxers. She began talking to me without comment or hesitation. She didn't seem embarrassed, nervous or uncomfortable. I was so caught off guard, and of course not wanting to over react, I answered her questions, she thanked me and walked out without incident.

There has to be a lesson in this somewhere, however I am still trying to find it.
This will have to suffice as the humorous point this year. Never a dull moment.

Favorite website URL's:

Hobbies and Interests:
Sports, Reading, Video & Music, Theater, Computers, Nature
Unique Interest:
Flyfishing for steelhead and other river trout and salmon.
Favorite Type of Music:
Modern Pop/Rock, Country

Favorite Cuisine:

Favorite Type of Book:
Self Help, Professional

I would like to visit:
Niagara Falls

If I won $500,000, I would:
Spend it on family, Give it to charity, Invest it