The Consortium Teaching Modules and Links 2000/2001 Leadership Program

TEAM 23:

2000/2001 Leadership Program

Cadre 1

Teacher Teams - Team 23

Marcia Talkmitt


School: Slaton High School
City: Slaton
State: Texas
Teaching Experience: 24 year(s)
Subjects: AP Physics, Chemistry, IPC

My motivation for teaching:
????Some days I wonder.... I don't know today, maybe tomorrow I will know...: )
I suppose what motivates ME is my motivation for teaching as well. I am motivated by NEW things---Techie things---things that make my life better and easier---things that are fun and stimulating---things I can share with others---things that make me reach deep within and make me a better and happier person.

My favorite quote:
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
"Imagination is more important than knowlege." -Albert Einsein
"ALL our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them" -Walt Disney

A personal humorous school story:
I don't have one....unless you find this amusing....
I send out tons of information to our technology director and he NEVER emails....Suddenly he emails me the old Taco Bell Dog thing if you send the email to 6 - 8 folks then the dog runs across the screen...well...I make a habit of sending everyone that I get mails from the URLS of OR in this case I sent him I think I was rather bold in sending it to him AS he never emails...I got an email back that said...WHATEVER....SO you see I really don't have a personal humorous school story....

Favorite website URL's:

Hobbies and Interests:
Sports, Antiques, Collectibles, Reading, Video & Music, Gardening, Shopping, Arts & Crafts, Travel, Writing, Computers, Cooking, Nature
Unique Interest:
EBAY FREAK....Water Ponds......
Favorite Type of Music:
Modern Pop/Rock, Alternative, Folk/Bluegrass, Country, Jazz/Blues, Oldies, R & B

Favorite Cuisine:

Favorite Type of Book:
Mystery, Science & Nature, Academic, Computer

I would like to visit:
Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Disney World, Hawaii

If I won $500,000, I would:
Spend it on family, Give it to charity, Invest it, Start a business, Quit work, Pay off debt