The Consortium Teaching Modules and Links 2000/2001 Leadership Program

TEAM 24:

2000/2001 Leadership Program

Cadre 1

Teacher Teams - Team 24

Olivia Sandoval


School: Jefferson Davis High School
City: Houston
State: Texas
Teaching Experience: 4 year(s)
Subjects: Geometry, Algebra II

My motivation for teaching:
I have always been grateful to a teacher who made a difference in my life, Mrs. Nienstadt. She was my Algebra II and my Calculus teacher in high school. Aside from a teacher, she was a counselor and a friend to her students. She was a wife and mother but she always managed to provide tutoring after school, write letters of recommendation, help us with finacial aid paperwork, apply for college, and aside from all this manage to get a school bus for students who didn't have a ride towards ACT and SAT testing sites. Moreover, no one else had helped me realize that I was talented and I could accomplish anything which I proposed myself to do.
She made a difference in my life and for this I will always be thankful! I feel that I too can make a difference by providing my students with the proper knowledge and guidance to survive in life.

My favorite quote:
"Entre individuos como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz."
-Benito Juarez
Mexican President, 1867

Translated: Between individuals as well as nations, respect towards each others rights is peace.

A personal humorous school story:
Last year, the school decided to require uniforms for all students,teachers had an option. Well, I decided to wear my uniform every once in a while and every time I would wear it this school of approximately 3000 kids, I was always consfused with a student by faculty and administration. Well, one day during lunch I was walking down the hallway (all hallways are empty)but there is faculty on duty. A faculty member stopped me and asked me for my permit I insisted a was a faculty member but she didn't believe me until an administrator walked by and recognized we were having a little bit of trouble communicating and he told her I was a math teacher. She was so embarassed and kept apologizing many times. Since then she always remembers me and refers back to the incident. This year, I decided to leave the uniform home and make myself noticeable on campus as a teacher.

Favorite website URL's:

Hobbies and Interests:
Sports, Reading, Gardening, Shopping, Arts & Crafts, Travel, Computers, Cooking, Nature
Unique Interest:
Language & culture
Favorite Type of Music:
Modern Pop/Rock, Classical, Jazz/Blues, Oldies, International, R & B

Favorite Cuisine:

Favorite Type of Book:
Cooking, Fiction & Literature, Science & Nature, Travel, Academic, Professional

I would like to visit:
Disney World, Hawaii

If I won $500,000, I would:
Spend it on family, Start a business, Pay off debt