The Consortium Teaching Modules and Links 2000/2001 Leadership Program

TEAM 14:

2000/2001 Leadership Program

Cadre 1

Teacher Teams - Team 14

Robert Shaner


School: Grand Rapids High School
City: Grand Rapids
State: Minnesota
Teaching Experience: 24 year(s)
Subjects: Chemistry & Physics

My motivation for teaching:
When I was a youth in high school, I found myself excited about helping fellow students with their homework but never considered a teaching career because one wouldn't make any money teaching. In college I found myself again working with students as a tutor and lab assistant, but again I had no aspirations at going into teaching. Finally after graduating from college with a chemistry degree and looking at medical school, I did a lot of soul searching and came to the realization that teaching is not wimps. People would tell me that teachers were a dime a dozen and that people would only go into teaching if they could not do anything else. I chose to go into teaching to make a difference and be one of those people who would rather teach than do anything else. Twenty four years later I do not regret going into teaching instead of pursuing a medical career. I enjoy waking up each morning excited about the possibility of making a difference in the lives of those I come in contact with.

My favorite quote:
What you sow you will reap!

A personal humorous school story:
When I was deciding on what I should do about applying for a teaching job, I had a friend who gave me some excellent advice. He asked me which would better to be in to get to a destination: A ship stationary in a harbor pointed in the right direction or a ship sailing away from the harbor in the opposite direction. I wasn't sure what he meant and asked him to explain himself. He said the ship moving was the better ship to be in because the person at the helm could steer the rudder to change the direction of the ship. The ship that was stationary would first need to get moving. His point was that even though I was not sure of where I wanted to teach, if I would initiate the application process, God could redirect my path and set me on the right path. Until I moved, nothing would happen. Today, I find this advice has been very valuable to me as a teacher and I have shared that advice with many of my students who wonder what they should do.

Favorite website URL's:

Hobbies and Interests:
Sports, Computers
Unique Interest:
science outreach
Favorite Type of Music:

Favorite Cuisine:

Favorite Type of Book:
Self Help, Science & Nature, Computer

I would like to visit:
Grand Canyon, Disney World, Hawaii

If I won $500,000, I would:
Spend it on family, Invest it, Pay off debt