Daily Activity Record Sheet                                                      Name __________________

Pie Chart Data                                                                          Date ______ Period _______


Record all of your activities for a 24-hour period (weekday only)



Activity Name

Amount of Time Spent on Activity

































1.      Divide your activities into categories like sleeping, eating, in school, television, video games, extra curricular activities, home work/studying, etc. (no more than ten activities).  You must include a miscellaneous category.








2.      Calculate the total amount of time spent on each activity.








3.      Calculate the percentage of time spent on each activity.








4.      Calculate the number of degrees each activity will require on your pie chart.











5.      Using a protractor and the circle below, divide your pie chart into appropriate number of degrees to match each activity. In your pie chart, be sure to title, label, and color each sector a different color.
























  1. In your day, which activity required the most of your time? _________________


  1. In your day, which activity required the least of your time? _________________


  1. What percentage of your time did you spend at school in comparison to the percentage of time you spent at home?






9.  Using your daily pie chart, predict how much time you would spend on your third

     largest sector in one week? In one month (4 weeks)? In one year (52 weeks)?






   10.  Identify the sectors that would be equivalent to approximately two fifths of your

    pie chart.